The Australasian College of
Toxicology & Risk Assessment

ACTRA Committee and Sub-Committees

ACTRA Committee

President: Peter Di Marco

Vice-President: Gordon Reidy

Treasurer: Andrew Harman

Secretary: Tarah Hagen

Membership Officer: Ian Delaere

Ordinary Members: Lorraine Webster

Ordinary Members: Antti Mikkonen

Note: Under rule 21 of the ACTRA Constitution, the Committee has power to co-opt members to various co-ordinating roles.

ACTRA Sub-Committees

Names of Committee heads listed below

Marketing & Communications: Tarah Hagen

Education: Antti Mikkonen and Lorraine Webster

Governance and Finance: Andrew Harman

Membership: Ian Delaere

Registration: Ian Delaere

ASM 2019: Tarah Hagen and Roger Drew

Note: If an ACTRA member is interested in voluteering on one of the ACTRA sub-committees, please forward your interest to the ACTRA Secretariat who will put you in touch with the appropriate committee member.

We would like to thank John Frangos (Vice President and Education Sub-Committee Chair) and Len Turczynowicz (Ordinary Member) for their invaluable contribution to ACTRA during 2018.