The Australasian College of
Toxicology & Risk Assessment

17th Global Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference


All members of ACTRA are invited to submit a proposal for a workshop or other meeting to the ACTRA Committee via the Secretariat. All proposals will initially be reviewed by the Education Convenors before being considered by the whole committee.

Calendar of Events 2019
15-18 July 2019 IUTOX 15th Meeting Hawaii, USA
18-21 August 2019 Endocrine Society of Australia, the Society for Reproductive Biology, and the Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association Annual Scientific Meetings Sydney, Australia
28-30 August 2019 ACTRA Annual Scientific Meeting and Continuing Education Day Melbourne, Australia
3-5 September 2019 Ecoforum 2019 Auckland, New Zealand
4-5 September 2019 VIC Water Industry Operations Conference & Exhibition Bendigo, VIC
8-12 September 2019 CleanUp 2019 Adelaide, Australia

16-18 September

CASANZ 24th International Clean Air and Environment Conference Queenstown NZ

30 November –               4 December 2019

AIOH Conference Perth WA