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Annual Scientific Meeting & Continuing Education Day 2018



Registrations are now open for the 11th Annual ACTRA Annual Scientific Meeting and Continuing Education Day 2018, to be held in Perth, Western Australia. Group and student discounts are available.

Meeting Focus

Particulate matter (PM) is a pollutant of international and national concern with many studies reporting adverse health effects associated with different size fractions.  We regulate based on the size of particles, but the physical and chemical composition of the particles may be as important to adverse health effect as the inhalable size fractions.  There is no known threshold for exposure to PM and studies are showing that chemical components may be more important drivers of effects. Different sources have different PM characteristics and indicator compounds, yet this is rarely considered when undertaking risk assessments.
This conference will address characterising particulate matter based on size and composition, the application of in vitro toxicity methods, the emerging health and toxicology studies focussing on composition and how we undertake risk assessments that include multiple sources, estimation of doses and exposures.  

Please note that CASANZ, RACI and AIOH members are eligible to register at ACTRA member rates (select member when registering online and you will be prompted to select either ACTRA, CASANZ, RACI or AIOH membership). 


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