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An important objective in establishing ACTRA was to initiate a process whereby the professional standing and credentials of Australian and New Zealand toxicologists and risk assessors could receive some type of formal, peer-reviewed recognition. In furtherance of this objective, the ACTRA membership resolved at their 2007 Annual General Meeting to establish a professional Register of Toxicologists and Risk Assessors.

Please click here to download the registration application form*

Note: The typing function has been enabled on our registration PDF so it can be completed without printing. All you need to do is click on the typewriter symbol on the top of the form and then click where you would like to begin typing.

If you have any questions through out the process, do not hesitate contacting our secretariat on 0423 082 521 or our Registration Membership Officer, Ian Delaere on Email:

The Register

The Register is published on a publicly accessible page on the ACTRA website. It includes the name, qualifications and contact details of members of ACTRA who have satisfied the requirements of the Listing Tribunal.

Entry to the Register

Eligibility for entry to the Register is limited to financial members of ACTRA who make a specific personal application for listing. Applications require a submission outlining educational and professional experience and evidence of professional recognition. A points system, similar to that used by other Scientific Societies (e.g the British Toxicology Society), is used to establish eligibility (see attached registration application form), but ultimate eligibility for listing will be determined by a Listing Tribunal, comprised of a sub-panel of the ACTRA Membership Committee, supplemented by at least two distinguished international toxicologists.

Listing Review

To maintain currency of status, it is necessary for eligibility to be reviewed on a regular basis. This review occurs every 5 years. An important component of this review is evidence that the Member has engaged in approved continuing education programs. Dates of initial listing and further reviews are included on the Register.

Registration Application Fees

In order for your registration to be accepted by the panel an application fee of $100.00 is required with each Registration submission. Please enclose your payment details in your application form or alternatively contact the ACTRA Secretariat for further information

Registration Renewal Fees – log in here

Once your registration has been accepted you will be registered for a term of five years from the date your application is accepted. In order to keep your registration current please ensure your ACTRA membership is up to date and you have paid your annual Registration renewal fee. Details can be found below:

ACTRA membership renewal Fee: Please see the membership page for ACTRA membership fees

Registration Renewal Fee: $25.00

Take these few easy steps to renew your registration and continue to enjoy the benefits and recognition that ACTRA provides. Registration fees covers your subscription from 1 July of the year you register to 30 June the following year. You can renew online or contact to finalise payment.

How to renew your registration online

  1. Click the above link and log-in using your username and password for example:

           Username:  JohnSmith
           Password:   Membership Number

  1. Update your contact details if necessary
  2. What does your role involve? Please tell us what areas you work in
  3. Choose the ACTRA registration tab and choose your nominated field FACTRA or/ RACTRA
  4. Proceed to complete payment using VISA, Mastercard or EFT.
  5. A tax invoice/confirmation will be emailed to you within 48 hours
  6. If paying by EFT a tax invoice showing the amount owing will be emailed to you. Please send through a remittance advice to confirm payment.

Alternatively you can renew by downloading the membership renewal form and ticking the renewal box for the allocated amount of $25.00 and forwarding to the ACTRA Secretariat. 

Download ACTRA Renewal Form