The Australasian College of
Toxicology & Risk Assessment

Past Events

If you are not a member, but would like to receive copies of any of the papers presented at the following ACTRA events, please contact the secretariat. Members please log into the members only section.


11th Annual Scientific Meeting and Continuing Education Day (Sept 2018)

EPA Workshop: Education and Training for Environmental and Health Risk Professionals (Nov 2017)

10th Annual Scientific Meeting and Continuing Education Day (Sept 2017)

Sensitisation Workshop (June 2017)

9th Annual Scientific Meeting (Sept 2016)

Regulatory Toxicology Workshop (A celebration of the 10th Anniversary of ACTRA, (July 2016)

8th Annual Scientific Meeting (Oct 2015)

Sustainable water quality and treatment workshop (Oct 2015)

7th Annual Scientific Meeting (Oct 2014)

Advances to alternative Methods for Toxicology in Chemincal Health Risk Assessment Workshop (Oct 2014)

CleanUp 2013 ACTRA Workshop (Oct 2013)

6th Annual Scientific Meeting (Oct 2013)

Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Science & Regulation (Oct 2013)

Life Stage-Specific Human Health Risk Assessments Workshop (March 2013)

5th Annual Scientific Meeting (Oct 2012)

2012 Combined Exposures Workshop (July 2012)

4th Annual Scientific Meeting (Oct 2011)

ACTRA Workshop: The Use of Epidemiology Studies in Regulatory Risk Assessment (Aug 2011)

ACTRA Seminar: Managing Environmental Health Risk and Liabilities (Sept 2010)

ACTRA Workshop: Risk Assessment of Carcinogens (May 2010)